General Regulation Hostel Accomodation

To all registed student:

1. You are not allowed to change rooms upon registration and are prohibited from bringing in unauthorized person/individual into the hostel premises.

2. Ensure that the key is kept in a safe place and is always brought along when you leave your room.

3. Ensure that you always lock your room when you go out.

4. You are not allowed to rearrange the furniture and other amenities provided

5. Ensure that you keep all valuables under lock and key in the cupboards so provided.

6. You are prohibited from using an Immersion Heater for cooking food or heating water.

7. Ensure that your room is kept neat and clean always. Please be informed that the University does not provide room cleaning services.

8. Ensure that the mattress and pillow are always encased in their respective covers.

9. Clothes should not be hung openly except in the closet and laundry should always be hung dried on the clothes line as provided.

10. You are prohibited from laying out the mattress in the room floor.

11. Please unsure that you empty your rubbish basket into the rubbish bins located in the pantry every morning to facilitate proper rubbish collection and disposal.

12. You are not allowed to nail on the wall except on the notice boards so provided.

13. An iron and kettle are available in the pantry and you can use these appliances there.

14. Bathrooms are adjacent to each room. Please use the facilities responsibly.

15. Please use the toilet  and the sink responsibly.

16. You are prohibited from clogs/slippers at all public areas such as in the Visitors Room, the Secretarial, the Meeting Room and the Office.

17. TV facilities are also available. Please keep the volume down.

18. Ensure that after 12pm, the room lights were switched off if necessary you can use the table/study lamp so provided.

19. You are refrained from acting boisterously after 12pm.

20. Ensure that you do not bringing any member of oppsite gender/sex into the rest room area. This is very serious offence.

21. You are prohibited from bringing in alcoholic beverages into the hostel premises. All forms of gambling are strictly prohibited.

22. You are reminded that the Campus ground are designated No Smoking zones. Ensure that you do not smoking in the campus.

23. Distribution/possession and the use of the drug is an offence.

24. You are prohibited from disseminating prohibited printed material as well as possessing pornographic material.

25. The safety of all personal effect is you sole responsibility.

26. All visitors must leave the hostel premises before 10.00 pm

27. Occupants will be provided with a blanket, a pillow, a mattress, pillow casing, locker/cupboard. These amenities should be used responsibly. Any loss or damaged should be borne by the occupant.

28. Before leaving your room, remember to switch off the light and the fan.

29. You should be properly attired when you are in the dining hall.

30. You are responsible for maintaining the cleaness of the hostel premises and its surroundings.

31. Ensure that you return the room key, pillow, blanket, and pillow casing to the Accomadation Secretariat before checking out. All vehicles should be parked at the designated parking lots.

32. To avoid disturbance from animal and insect, occupant are advised to refrain from bringing in cooked food into the hostel premises.

33. You are requested to take care of all the amenities provided.

34. You are strictly prohibited from bringing food and equipment from the canteen into your rooms.

35. You are reminded not to loiter especially outside he hostel after 12 midnight.

36. If an emergency arises, please contract your contigent's liaison officer or the Accomadation Secretarial (information pertaining to the Secretarial are included in this website)


Any costs arising from any loss and damage will be imposed on the respective individual.